Car Sharing

Car-sharing is at the heart of the range of eco-mobility solutions offered by Clem’. To adapt to users’ needs, Clem’ can offers several types of car-sharing: “In the loop” (return journeys to a fixed point), “Hub” (one-way journeys between different hubs) and Self Service (no reservation necessary). Clem’ car sharing programmes can use either dedicated fleet vehicles or private vehicles. In the ideal case, car-sharing is implemented alongside the installation of one of more charging stations. It may also be combined with other services in order to provide a comprehensive eco-mobility solution.

autopartage service


Related Services

Clem’ manages charging points. The reservation system allays users’ concerns by ensuring that they are able to charge their vehicles when they arrive at the charging points. 
Clem’s integrated carpooling platform allows
users to increase the efficiency of their journeys. 
Members of the community can also use the platform  
to organise carpooling in their own vehicles. 
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Clem’ eco-mobility screens display local information such as public transport timetables. Alongside Clem’ services and the functionality of activating the charge point, a vehicle hub becomes a true “eco-mobility station”. 


Our Products

plateforme clem mobile
The platform is the tool at the centre of our eco-mobility services. Our platform is the first to combine car-sharing, carpooling and charge point reservation. Smartphone, tablet and computer versions are available. 
Using this platform, our partner organisations can offer their users a modern and effective alternative to private vehicles for short and medium distance journeys.


 The M’Key is the key box developed by Clem’. This box enables the sharing of any type of vehicle without any physical modification to the vehicle. This hardware solution allows user to collect vehicle keys after they book a vehicle on the shared mobility platform.