Drive towards Eco-Mobility with Clem’

Clem’ helps you to design a tailored eco-mobility solution for your needs. We then work with you to implement it and follow up when the project is in operation.

Clem’s eco-mobility solutions are built on a community-based electric car-sharing model. This new vision of access to vehicles is made for modern mobility, allowing you to save money and reduce your impact on the environment.

Beyond car-sharing, we offer a range of other eco-mobility services. We select a combination of these, according to your requirements, which complement public transport and are based around car-sharing and electric charging points:

- Carpooling (“dynamic” or between pre-determined hubs), especially in shared fleet vehicles

- Charge point booking for private electric vehicles

- Communication of local area information  

The Clem’ Eco-Mobility Platform
The platform is the tool at the centre of our eco-mobility services.
Our platform is the first to combine car-sharing, carpooling and charge point reservation.
Smartphone, tablet and computer versions are available.
Using this platform, our partner organisations can offer their users a modern and effective alternative to private vehicles
for short and medium distance journeys.


Where We Operate

Our services are tailored to best meet the needs of our customers. Find out more about the solutions we have developed for our partners.




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